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Managerial Economics (Honors and Standard Track)
BEPP 250
Spring 2013 - 2015, Fall 2017

This is a course on intermediate microeconomics. We will build a solid foundation on microeconomics and use it as a toolkit to solve problems in business, policy, and social science. These tools are based on creative application of three basic principles: people respond to incentives, individual behavior aggregates into equilibrium social behavior, and we can use normative criteria to compare different outcomes.

Have you wondered “How should Uber set prices?”, “How does trade with China affect American manufacturing?”, “Why are Playstation games expensive while Sony sells the console at cost”, “Should income tax rates for millionaires be 80%?”, “Should Spotify start charging per song?”, “Why does Apple manufacture the iPhone and design iOS while Google builds Android but not phones?” If you have, then you came to the right syllabus.

Market Design
BEPP 971
Spring 2014

This is a PhD level course on the engineering of market rules and institutions. The course focuses on recent research and empirical work, and includes a basic treatment of theory and empirical methods used in the design of auction and matching markets. In Spring 2014 we will have a mix of lectures, guest speakers from the tech industry and academia, and student presentations. For more information see the syllabus.

Big Boat

Eduardo Azevedo

Assistant Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy
Wharton School
3620 Locust Walk
SHDH 1455
Philadelphia, PA

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